LEDMEDICS is the latest technology in terms of surgical lights.
With only 84 leds and double or single white technology, LEDMEDICS can provide up to 160.000 lux and a perfect changing color temperature.

Unlike the traditional led surgical lights, LEDMEDICS can provide the best light column ever, with 1200mm electronically adjusted.

LEDMEDICS quality and assurance

LEDMEDICS are developed and produced to comply and exceed the following norms and standarts:
Safety requirements
– 60601-1
– 60601-2
– 60601-2-41

European Directives
– 93/42/EEC
– 2007/47/EC

Colour temperature

LEDMEDICS T colour temperature can be adjusted in 3800K, 4300K, and 4800, providing the perfect illumination for all surgeries.

Laminar flow

LEDMEDICS ergonomic shape provides the perfect solution to minimize the laminar flow turbulence with and Leememan index of ~3.9.

Endo mode

LEDMEDICS® is designed with an option of 8.000 lux, perfect for the darkness of the room during endoscopic surgeries.

LCD touch screen

LEDMEDICS T is equipped with a 5” LCD Touch screen, with a user friendly interface.

Fat Beam Ilumination

LEDMEDICS provides more homogeneous light, less shadows, more comfort for the surgeons and helps increasing patient safety.

No rainbow effect

LEDMEDICS computer calculated optical system provides only white light, different from traditional LED systems.

Colour rendering

LEDMEDICS has a colour rendering index Ra over 95, which means that surgeons can recognize even the tiniest nuances of colour tissue.

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