LEDMEDICS OT lights provide the best light column ever, using the latest generation of LED’s – for the best surgical performance.

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Modular OT and ICU Rooms

DANMEDICS offers the complete product portfolio for the most challenging hospital departments – for the best patient care performance.

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Packaging and Turnkeyservice

Bringing the complex technologies for today’s hospital and OR planning together and coordinate the project flow – for the best project performance.

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Welcome to DANMEDICS

DANMEDICS Medical Engineering GmbH is existing since 2002 and we expanded our portfolio ever since. With our origin in the lighting of surgeries, we always had a close connection to operation rooms and intensive care.
Today DANMEDICS offers complete operation room concepts worldwide and takes care of each phase of a project, from planning to execution and implementation.

Our headquarters are located in Muenster-Dieburg, close to Frankfurt Airport, where infrastructure is the basics for worldwide operations.

Danmedics works only with the best world wide
partners, to offer the best latest cutting edge
technology solutions for your OT Rooms!